Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sidetrack : Mods and Uglies

Ok, so first thing people notice with morrowind, unfortunately, is the fact that the character models do not reach the same standard as games do today. This does put some players off as it doesnt look brilliant watching a guy with a segmented body walk around, it looks disturbing.

There are several things a player can do (on the PC) to improve this. What I did was download a mod, called Better Bodies, for Morrowind. This mod changes the character meshes so they look more like Oblivions, smooth and without segments. It also acts as a nudity mod, but I digress.

Below are some shots of before and after the mod.

As you can see, the bodies on the left have the mod installed, the ones on the right do not. Vast improvement and people are running out of reasons on why they don't play this game.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

The beginning of the road (part 2)

So, race chosen, dark elf. Sexy. After playing Oblivon for so long, the lack of facial construction terrifies me. Nevermind, I am male, so male I have chosen.
Into the building to speak with The nice old man with crooked voice. I tell him that I am a thief, with assassin like traits and he isn't bothered one bit, nice to see that the immigration system in Morrowind echoes that of the British Isles. Oh and Im also born under the shadow, because I was born with the uncanny ability to turn invisible. Awesome.

As the old man lets me go, with my papers in hand, I notice a nice yellow coloured plate thing on the bookshelf to the right. I decide to try my luck and grab it. "THIEF! HALT THIEF!" Oww my ears. Bad idea, its confiscated and my sorry dark elf bum is kicked out of the door faster than I can say cliff-racer.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The beginning of the road (part 1)

"Wake Up. We're Here. Why are you shaking? Are you ok? Wake up. Stand up. There you go. You were dreaming. What's your name?" 

For as long as I live I will never forget these words, or forget where they were first uttered. I put my Elder Scrolls 3 : Morrowind disc in my windows XP what seems like an age ago, now. At first, I couldnt get into it, the funny walking animation, the silly voice the guard has, it was all rather... comical to me. 
Now though, I keep returning to play the damn game every several months, and remain playing it for a few months, with a slightly different character every time. This time, I have created Matt, a dunmer. This is actually the first time I have played with a Dunmer, so it should be interesting. This will just be a journal of my experiences with Morrowind, considering the last time I played this game was several months ago, now. So, lets go. 

 Ahh Jiub, old mate old pal. Rumor in Oblivion has it that you are now a saint. Though, how you drove all the cliffracers from Morrowind is anyones guess. Nevermind, love to stay and talk, but Sir PoopedhisPants is here. 
I watch as the guard approaches, his walk never failing to put a smile on my face. What is with that? Does he need to kick his feet out at that angle, like whats wrong with him? Ah well, nevermind. At least he talks. 
I follow the guy, getting into a run to keep up. We get to some stairs and he has a go at me. Well, it seems that way. 
"Get yourself up on deck and lets keep this as CIVIL as possible." 
"Damn, someone needs a nappy change... 'scuse the pun" 

I do as he commands and climb out. The, honestly, unpleasant view of Seyda Neens Dock greets me, how lovely. I can imagine it would smell something similar to a local fish mongery, but my nose has been blocked by walking behind the guard and living with Saint Jiub for a few... how ever long ive been there. 

I carry on walking, down the gangplank, ignoring a friendly redguard and make conversation with a frankly better guard. He asks me to show my face and by that I mean its the race game.

... to save you the boredom, I chose Dark Elf. be continued.